The UK has a growing and ageing population, with increasing numbers of dementia diagnoses, there are 850,000 people estimated to be living with dementia in the UK, this number is set to rise to one million in 2025. Additionally, one in five people will experience depression sometime in their life and the prevalence of delirium in people on medical wards in hospital is about 20% to 30% and can be much higher in intensive care units.

If you live with dementia, depression or delirium it can sometimes be really difficult to express what is important to you and why. The NHS recognises that it is incredibly important that people living with the 3Ds receive person centred, and individualised care, particularly as these can offer incorporated protected characteristics. 

"So, two and a half years on from the original diagnosis, how are things going? Not great. While I believe the home is good in many ways, it doesn’t seem to provide individual care tailored to the needs of each resident.  There is a body of best practice knowledge and skills which I don’t see implemented by the staff, lovely and caring though they are. I think the training is lacking. They could do a lot to reduce distress, but simply don’t know how."

Julia, carer of mother who is living with dementia

How does Knowing Me! help?

Knowing Me! offers practical guidance on person centered care for those living with dementia, depression and delirium. The objectives of Knowing Me! are to raise awareness and understanding of the 3Ds, drive improvements in the standards of care, and improve the outcomes that can be achieved for those affected by the 3Ds. Knowing Me! builds on the values and principles of person centered care and support to improve the quality of life and provides useful and practical ways improvements can be made to really make a difference.

We have a combined wealth of expertise across health and social care; in service delivery, management, commissioning and policy. We were commissioned by the NHS to produce the Knowing Me! guidance through collaboration with people with dementia, their carers and health care professionals. Knowing Me! is not however a stand alone resource aimed at a particular staff group or a particular care environment but should be seen as a complimentary resource to raise the awareness and understanding of the 3Ds.

You can download this free resource 

Knowing Me Resource

Knowing Me Pro! Training

We have further developed Knowing Me Pro! into a comprehensive and varied suite of training products, that can be tailored to the needs of your staff. There are two ways for your staff to get a better understanding of person centred care: online and in person. Access our online training packages or get in touch to discuss how we can support you. 

Contact Life Story Network to deliver bespoke Knowing Me Pro! training to your team.

Knowing Me! Training Enquiry

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