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‘Your Life Stories Matter……’ is a great place to collect together your memories and those moments important to you: post pictures, write tales, show videos and tell stories. You can keep it to yourself, share it with your friends and family or show it off to the world. Your friends and family can also add their stories and memories of you – but only if you want them too! You never know what memories they cherish of you and the things you did together – everyday things and incredible or outrageous things.


Creating a life story together with a loved one, about them or you, can, as well as being fun, remind you both of moments you have shared and why you are important to each other.


Life stories can also be a powerful way to overcome difficulties that arise if you feel defined only by a diagnosis: share it with your carers, the people involved in providing support, to help them understand better who you are.


Life story work helps people in all settings, whether at home in their communities, in care homes, supported living, or in hospital, to regain their sense of self by capturing their story. Family carers and paid staff can then appreciate your life, strengths, interests and hopes more fully and understand how to support you better now and in the future.