Leading Change Matters

Working with managers and those responsible for front line staff.


The aims of this course are to:

  • Provide participants with relevant information on the current national policy context.
  • Increase participants own awareness of the importance and impact of relationships with others both within and outside the organisation.
  • Provide participants with tools to map their community relationships and connections.
  • Increase participants understanding of the positive impact of life story work in embedding relationship based care at all levels both within the organisation and engagement beyond into the wider community.
  • Enable participants to understand how life story work can be seen as an engagement tool with the wider community and optimise the social capital available to support people with a dementia.
  • Enable all participants to understand how life story work promotes the human rights of individuals and the legal obligations of the organisation.

 On completion of this course, those who participated will be able to:

  • Understand current policy and practice guidance for dementia care and how Life Story work contributes to delivering high quality, person centred dementia care.
  • Lead and empower staff and those in their networks to use life story work to enhance relationships both within the organisation and into the wider community.
  • Facilitate and lead the necessary changes in the organisation to embed and sustain an underpinning philosophy of person-centred care based on the person’s life experience and story work.
  • Identify a wider range of opportunities to engage with the broader community through family carers, relatives and volunteers.
  • Develop a map of resources available in the wider community and the necessary relationships required to facilitate access to them.
  • Lead on community change locally through the establishing and sustaining relationships within and across the wider community.
  • Understand the positive contribution which life story work can make to identifying rights of an individual and respecting these rights in the context of the Human Rights Act.
  • Be able to develop own practice in leading the implementation of Life Story Work.