In the Life Story Network (LSN), we believe that if we focus on the person rather than ‘the problem’ – whatever that problem is – then we are more likely to connect and value the humanity we all share.

Life Story Network draws upon our expertise across the NHS, social care, housing and the third sector, including leadership and consultancy in strategic commissioning, and service delivery.

Some examples are:

  • Leading Change Matters – Designed for middle management and those responsible for managing front line staff to increase knowledge and skills, to promote relationships and community connections, by understanding how using Life Story Networks approach, to life story work, can enhance the quality of life for people with a dementia in your community.
  • Your Community Matters – Bringing together housing providers, local agencies, and residents to nurture closer ties and better understanding.
  • Your Story Matters – Learning for individuals and groups of front line staff in the practicalities of life story work. The aim is two fold: a) To increase confidence and knowledge about using life story work as a tool to promote relationship based care, and support, for people with a dementia and their family carers. b) Increase awareness of how to begin to use life story work as a tool to enhance community connections.
  • Family Carers Matter – This introductory course will help family carers to understand the benefits of life stories for themselves (as family carers), the person with dementia whom you care for and or paid carers and volunteers.
  • Volunteers Matter – This one day course will help volunteers to have an awareness of dementia and understand the benefits of life stories for the people they support, for family carers, paid carers and staff organisations such as Housing Associations.
  • Life Story Work and Spirituality – This introductory workshop will give you a better understanding of the benefits of life stories for yourselves, people diagnosed with a dementia, family and professional carers and how it supports a person’s spirituality.
  • Introductory Courses – Learning in life story work for individuals via open courses.
  • Bespoke Training – Training specifically tailored to the needs of an organization.
  • Expert consultancy – Developing the capability and capacity of companies, and organisations to improve their support to vulnerable people and families.